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Paola Borrescio

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My name is Paola, I am a lightworker just like you.


My mission is to help you in your awakening and ascension journey during the shift into 5D consciousness.


I offer spiritual guidance to help you in strengthening the connection to your higher self and the Universe, in removing limiting beliefs, fears, blockages and karma and in aligning yourself with your unique and the Universe.




I assist lightworkers, people experiencing an awakening and ascension, healers and professionals working in the spiritual and energy fields.

I support you in discovering the unique truth of your soul, in understanding how your soul manifests abundance, in removing blocks and in breaking negative karma patterns.


I am a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, a certified Life Coach and a Past Lives and Life Between Lives Regressionist assisting you in your spiritual journey of divine power.


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What The Universe Is And How To Speak To It


What The Akashic Records Are And How A Reading Can Change Our Life


The Truth About Manifesting Permanent Abundance


5 Things That Will Help You Shift Into 5D Consciousness





“Paola is so kindhearted and genuine. It's really inspiring to listen to her and talk to her, she's truly there for you! I got an amazing numerology analysis from her, it was so accurate and confirmed that I am on the right path. I read it again from time to time and every time my attention is drawn to interesting, new things I haven't paid attention to before. Thank you!” - Essi Järvenpää


“Paola and I just met at the time we were supposed to. I had been pondering on doing some past life regressive work for quite some time before I met her as I feel that there are some unresolved things in this life that do not really make sense on their own. We had our first Skype session at the dawn of the pandemic crisis. Despite the fact of being used to meditation and visualization a lot, I was very sceptical. But Got, it was one of the deepest experience of my life. Paola is a great space holder and a gentle guide. I am looking forward to our next session, when time will come. Thanks Paola!” - Isadora Bilancino


"So, I had an Akashic Records reading session with Paola Borrescio. (I gave her permission to "see" my Akashic Records) and her reading made my soul smile and jubilate. Literally. While she was reading the information out to me, I could really feel like my soul was happy, like really, really happy and this sense of joy was taking over, as if I was listening to what the real me was about. I had some idea of some of my characteristics and personality traits, but in this Akashic Records session I got confirmation of many things. And I think that's why I felt that joy and happiness. Paola was very considerate, very calm and clear giving me the information she got. Never judgemental and I could feel and see that she was very happy to give me this information, that she was happy she was helping me to do and be my best I could do and be. I asked her several questions and she was more than happy replying to them, always in a professional, calm and collected manner. I will no doubt recommend her to anyone that wants healing done on them, that want to knowmore about themselves and want to change their lives for the better - you're the best Paola! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" - Daniel Velhas


"Paola is a unique person, with uncommon level of kindness, empathy and devoted to help other reach their best. She's someone you'd really love to meet!" - Bruno Dallavalle





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Terms & Conditioins

*Services are not refundable..

*Payment needs to be completely fulfilled at least 7 days prior to the session.

*Cancellation policy for appointments is 24h, if not respected the service will be charged and another appointment won't be given.

*It is the responsibility of the buyer making sure to attend the appointment on time, any delay will be lost. *You must be at least 18 years old to purchase

Returns & Refunds

*Services are not refundable. .


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